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Arrow Do you know how much energy, including electric and fuel, your building consumes annually? Benchmarking is completed to establish the energy consumption and cost per square foot of conditioned space for any given building. Depending on the occupancy use, size and location, the benchmarked building can then be used to compare energy consumption and cost to other similar buildings. There is a large data base available to analyze energy use to determine how the benchmarked building compares to national, state and regional averages. Is your building an Energy Hog?
Arrow Energy modeling is completed using specialized software programs to predict the energy consumption of a building. Actual energy use resulting from the benchmarking of the building is then used to calibrate the energy model to verify the accuracy. This then allows the energy modeler to ask What If questions to determine the potential energy savings of a proposed investment such as changing out lighting with a modern system.
Arrow Building Energy Management (BEM) Systems are used to manage energy use of a building. BEM systems come in many forms and level of complexity and can be used for remote monitoring and control. Smart meters and meter boards can also be installed to help assist in energy use monitoring and reduction. CAEC can help you manage your building energy use.

CAEC was chosen to be a Technical Service Provider for the Retrofit Energy Assessment for Loans System managed by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation utilizing American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding. Utility energy use data was gathered and CAEC successfully benchmarked 16 million square feet of public sector facilities. The data produced allowed the facility owners to be able to rank and prioritize the high energy consuming buildings. CAEC then managed ASHRAE Level 2 Investment Grade Energy Audits on 127 of the high energy consuming public sector facilities totaling 6.3 million square feet. AkWarm-C, a building energy modeling program, was used for the energy modeling evaluations. Energy Efficiency Measures identified potential energy savings in the facilities audited to estimate the Simple Payback and Savings to Investment Ratio for the potential investment. All utility benchmark and audit reports were uploaded to the Alaska Retrofit Information System (ARIS) for further data analysis.

CAEC also completed public sector energy audits on the central KPB Service Area buildings. Included in the energy audit program were five Fire Stations, North Peninsula Recreation Center and Ice Rink totaling 133,415 square feet. The project was completed on time and within budget.

Depending on the physical and energy-use characteristics of a building, and the needs and resources of the owner, energy audit steps can require different levels of effort. See ASHRAE Audit Standard for description of each level as defined by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers.

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